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Nature has always been my source of healing and the place where I feel most alive. The night sky,  the ever-changing light and colors of the setting sun, the growing dawn light, the songs of peepers and wood thrushes are the things that bring me assurance of a purpose and of a higher power. The natural world always helps me access my highest self, my truest wisdom.

I invite you…to open up to the Wisdom of the Earth and the Wisdom of your heart by exploring the offerings at Touched by the Earth and joining us to bring your unique presence here to participate in something that touches your heart. Add your notes to the music…join with us as we explore and deepen our connection to the earth and to one another.

I have been following my heart, working with the land, trees, animals and the spirits of this place to co-create a space for us to gather and work together for individual peace and wholeness to help all to awaken to Oneness.

Doesn’t it seem that now, more than ever, the world is crying out for peace and unity? Let’s help bring that about by enhancing our own inner peace.

The first step is looking within-to that place inside us where love, compassion and unity live. We are all far more alike than different. We are born from Mother Earth and her Wisdom is available to us to help us journey within to wholeness so that we may bring the fullness of our creative expression to life.

So, if something in our offerings touches your heart, or just piques your curiosity – come join us and let’s build a more harmonious world by opening up to the harmony within each of us.


DSC_0004_2Touched By the Earth is a sacred space designed to foster healing of our Earth and all of the earth community by recognizing our inter-connectedness – our oneness.


Prayer flags wave in the breeze carrying blessings over the land.




The Medicine Wheel invites walking meditation, prayer and ceremony.





Pathways allow quiet exploration and solitude.






Symbols from nature appear to affirm your journey both inward and outward.

We look forward to having you join us soon!





May this place shelter your life when you come in here, may all the weight of the world fall from your shoulders. May all hearts be tranquil here, blessed by peace the world cannot give.

May this place grace your life desires and seekers find a path to your door. May this place be full of understanding and acceptance, where you can be as you are, without the need of any mask of pretense or image. May this place, Touched by the Earth, be a place of discovery, where the possibilities that sleep in the clay of your soul can emerge to deepen and refine your vision for all that is yet to come to birth. May you have the eyes to see that no visitor arrives without a gift and no guest leaves without a blessing!

Adapted from poem by John O’Donohue by Colleen Kiley and read on the day of the land blessing.


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